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Healthcare Analytics

11/21/08  Back

Our November Health TechNet meeting focused on the effects of the Presidential and Congressional elections on healthcare technology, as well as new developments in "Healthcare Analytics" (i.e. the many challenges in leveraging unstructured data into improved performance by healthcare organizations).
The meeting featured the presentations of Richard Schweiker, for Secretary of DHHS, Meredith Taylor, HIMSS, Ned McCullough, IBM, Suniti Ponkshe, IBM; Arnie Greenland, IBM; and Dean Souleles, COO of Resolution Health. 
Ms. Taylor, Mr. Schweiker and Mr. McCullough provided us with an update on the Health IT Policy landscape and gave us an overview of the new developments in the year ahead for the Obama Administration. 
Ms. Suniti Ponkshe provided us with an overview of health analytics: what it is, how it is critical to health care and how some key leaders are utilizing analytics to improve their performance and solve business problems. Mr. Greenland discussed the analytics project at Social Security Administration, where significant benefits were achieved by using analytics tools. Finally, Mr. Souleles provided us with an overview of his company (based in this area) and how they are using analytics to improve personal health.

The presentations were followed by an active discussion.

Presentations of the speakers are attached.