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Learning Health Systems and the Learning Health Community

12/14/12  Back

Our December holiday meeting of Health TechNet was on December 14, 2012 focused on two related topics:  Learning Health Systems, and the increasing use of video technology to communicate health messaging for enhanced and quicker communications.  We held the meeting in Nelson Mullins’ picturesque conference room overlooking the U.S. Capitol.

Our speaker on the Learning Health System (kindly arranged by Richard Singerman)  was Joshua C. Rubin, JD, MBA, MPH, MPP, Executive Director of the Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation.  He described the evolution of the LHS concept, which envisions a health system that captures millions of people's real-world health experiences electronically and enables data sharing to empower researchers, clinicians and patients to learn in novel ways from this trove of shared data.  He detailed how an LHS can be collaboratively built upon a foundation of Meaningful Use and why doing so is a national imperative. 

Our second speaker was Sharon Sullivan, an award winning producer and Founder of MedMedia, a subsidiary of MVT Communications in Washington, DC.   She discussed the growing importance of video communications in the healthcare industry and demonstrated how this technology is a powerful medium to explain complex technologies, illustrate new treatments and products, improve patient care, bring awareness to vital issues, and enhance provider missions and values.  Through examples of her work,  she demonstrated how videos can  be produced to have impact, communicate powerful messages, and change both healthcare behaviors and public policy.  Her clients include Discovery Health, Georgetown University Hospital, Pfizer, Johns Hopkins, PhRMA, and the World Bank. 

It was also noted that through the energies of Deanne Kasim, Health TechNet members can now communicate on a number of subjects via LinkedIn. 

The slide presentation and handouts of Mr. Kanter are attached.