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Application of IBM Watson Technology to Healthcare

12/16/11  Back

At our  December  Health TechNet meeting, we discussed the fascinating and revolutionary application of IBM Watson in the healthcare system.  Watson's stellar performance on the Jeopardy! show captured the world's imagination. Now, the first real-world application for Watson involves healthcare.  How does Watson address issues that previous generations of tools have not been able to address? What are the technical approaches Watson takes that sets it apart from other systems?"

Our featured speaker, Dr. Joe Bormel, internist from Harvard and Hopkins and VP and CMO at QuadraMed Corporation,  addressed all those questions and more at this meeting.  He took a look at Watson, and the technology behind it, based on presentations and scientific papers. He examined its delivery as a service, along with the possible touchpoints in the healthcare delivery system that may be transformative. Watson may be able to provide answers to questions from evidence based sources never before available in real time, using approaches far beyond a Google-like search. He focused on the reasoning approaches of those potential capabilities.

The presentation of Dr. Bormel was followed by an interactive discussion among our members.  Attached are some links related to the presentation.