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Personal Health Records

12/17/04  Back

The feature topic of this meeting was "Bringing the Consumer into Healthcare."

The discussion was led by Dr. Andy Barbash, the founder of Laxor, and Scott
Mason, Laxor's CEO. Laxor provides leading edge, web-based technology that
serves as an electronic hub for securely storing and sharing a
patient/member's clinical medical records. Dr. Barbash and Mr. Mason
discussed key implications of consumer-driven healthcare and how forces are
pushing the industry in this direction. The shift from the "industrial" to
the "knowledge" age was also discussed. This included the changing
doctor-patient relationship, influences of the Internet and related topics.
Technology is a key enabler of this reformation that will truly have
profound effects on the way healthcare is delivered in the future.

We had a brief presentation by VitalSpring Technologies on their software
that assists in the development of company health plans. According to the
Company's website, VitalSpring is the first enterprise software company to
deliver business performance solutions that enable large, self-insured
corporations and government agencies to better manage and control
healthcare benefits costs. VitalSpring is the only enterprise software
company focused exclusively on leveraging employers' purchasing power
within their health benefits supply chain."